360º Approach

All the parts we produce first begin with an idea, that are put through rigourous design exercises, calculations, methodology, accuracy and the creation is brought to life.

Our quality planning and engineering team is ready prepared to design the solution each client requires. Our tool specialists are highly skilled and qualified to guide our clients through each of the stages to ensure the best mould is made for a specific part and all our know-how is put to action, so that the project management in the prototype and the pre-serial phase are optimised.

Our Presence

Since 1989, our plants have been located in Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal, where all of our production and engineering capacity is situated.
In Germany we are represented by a Key account Manager that ensures our clients in central Europe are permanently accompanied. A warehouse in Salzgitter completes our presence in this country and in 2017 we created our British company.
This means that today, four companies of the Schmidt Light Metal Group, are fully integrated and dedicated to bringing to life the parts for automobiles throughout Europe.

Our Companies

ATC is our tools development company, where moulds are designed, engineered and produced.
SLM is our Aluminium die casting unit, where 20 Bühler machines bring the parts to life.
After die-casting, DMM, our machining unit, takes care of finishing the parts with different processes, to meet each of our clients specific needs.

Our Companies:

Our Moulds

Tools in the Making

It is our firm belief that our high-quality and functional tools, designed and developed in house to meet our clients’ needs are what differentiates us from the competition.
With state of the art equipment, our Tool shop, ATC, uses CAM systems and machines to create moulds and trimmings.
This means that we have the capacity to design and build the moulds that will be used to cast our clients’ parts, giving them the speed and flexibility that makes us a highly perfect and reliable business partner.

Our Casting Capacity

We Shape Aluminium

From day one, the importance of the quality of our casting cells was a priority for SLM. We are equipped with 20 Bühler Casting cells.
We add to this our robust processes and a high degree of automation so that a strong base is built, where several different procedures can take place, such as alloy treatment, squeezing and vacuum support.
Accurate measuring machines, X-ray diagnosis and the high degree of skill of our workers, ensure that consistent high quality products are casted and produced.

Our Machining Unit

Welcome to the Finishing Line

Our machining unit, DMM, is comprised of state of the art equipment, spread across three adjacent plants. This is the unit where light alloy components are machined and assembled, and it is the finishing line of the production process of our products.
Automated CNC machines, dedicated lines for specific components, washing and leak testing machines is some of the equipment available to ensure the perfect finish is given to each and every alloy component.

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