Cast Woman Project

Cast Woman Project 802 602 Schmidt Light Metal

The Cast Woman project is set to “break stereotypes of women roles in the foundry sector and awake their interest by Key Enabling Technologies from a gender inclusive perspective”.

Although still a minority in the Group, we have been working hard to incorporate women in different areas of the organisation. We want more than just raise the number of females: we want each and every one of them to be a breathing, equal but different, strong and valuable part of the Group.

That is why we are proud to be part of this European Project, coordinated in Portugal by APF (Associação Portuguesa de Fundição), not only for the awareness it raises but also because of the opportunities for women it creates.

Carla Pinho’s testimony is a proof that there is a place for women in foundry, as long as conditions are created for a good integration and that more than working on numbers, percentage and quotas, foundries focus on Culture, Diversity and Change!

We could not be prouder of Carla and Isabel, our two featured workers on the Role Model sector of the site ( Thank you for raising the bar on how a foundry, with women, should be!

We will keep working to make all our female workers proud!

Thank you Cast Woman for choosing us!

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