People & Communication

For our future generation

For our future generation 2560 2354 Schmidt Light Metal Taking care of our People means taking care of their families, specially during the…

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Cast Woman Project

Cast Woman Project 802 602 Schmidt Light Metal

The Cast Woman project is set to “break stereotypes of women roles in the foundry…

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COVID-SAFE CERTIFICATION 1575 788 Schmidt Light Metal

We are very honoured that the Schmidt Light Metal Group is the first automotive components…

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Euroguss 2020


EUROGUSS 2020 2001 1317 Schmidt Light Metal

In January 2020, we were present at Euroguss 2020, an International event dedicated to Aluminium,…

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30 Years celebration

30 Years celebration 911 682 Schmidt Light Metal

On the 23rd of November, we got together to celebrate a very special date: the…

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Healthy life month

Healthy life month 1600 961 Schmidt Light Metal

Understand the rules A small river named Paiva flows by their place and supplies it…

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Children at work 2019

Children at work 2019 1600 1068 Schmidt Light Metal

Every parent likes to show their children where they work. Showing one’s child, the office…

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Women’s International Day 2019

Women’s International Day 2019 2601 1736 Schmidt Light Metal

We wanted to capture the true essence of what it meant to be a woman…

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