Our quality-planning and engineering team offers you extensive services from product and process development to tool construction through consultation and to project management in the prototype phase and pre-serial phase.

Your advantage is the narrow interlinking between tool manufacturing, die casting and machining. We can therefore already optimize with you in the stage of the product development, the whole production process in view of economic efficiency, delivery time and quality.

With professional know-how, long-standing experience, the application of the most modern CAD system, various simulation programs as well as material consultation and prototype manufacturing, we support you with solutions for intricate projects from the start on .

The Perfect Tool


Long-lasting, high-quality and functional tools are the bases for the high and reproducible quality of your end products.

In our modern equipped tool construction company for moulds and trimming tools, we integrate the process from the beginning. Here the perfect realization of the tool concept occurs by means of modern CAD/CAM systems design and programing. Our strength as a high-pressure die casting supplier lies in the flexibility thinking, the quick prototype and innovative sampling processes and the short ways to make engineering changes and maintenance.

Ultimately, the perfect tools are available any time for your high-quality pressure die cast products.

We Shape Aluminium


The latest technology in die-casting machines, robust processes and a considerable degree in automation in our factory is another base for a high reproducible die cast quality.

In addition, we are able to work with several different procedures for optimizing the die cast quality such as of alloy treatment, squeezing and the vacuum support.

The process uses the most modern CNC measuring machines, picture-X-ray machines, worker-self-controls in addition to the evaluation of 3D-CT-Analyses, which together are tools to ensure consistent high product quality.

15 automized Bühler Die Casting Cells,  between 500 and 1.400 tons  of locking force

The Perfect Finish


Our state of the art equipped manufacturing site for the machining and assembly of light alloy components forms the end of the production process, your products.

Automized CNC milling machines, dedicated machines for specific components, washing combined with leak test machines, a lab for cleanliness analyses as well as numerous assembly machines are available here for the machining and assembly of light alloy components. In anticipation of our customers wishes, we continuously prepare ourselves to increase our assembly capacity.

State of the art CNC Milling Machines | Dedicated Machines | Assembling Units | Washing Machines | Leaktesting Units | Laboratory for Cleanliness-Analyses | 3D-CNC-Measuring-Machines


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