Schmidt Light Metal Group Motto

Performing Excellence is the name of the Schmidt Light Metal Group management system. It was designed to enable us to perform our day to day life delivering top quality parts to our clients, through our processes and products, providing an environment where our people feel appreciated, acknowledge and with the desire to excel while being involved with the community where we are.

Schmidt Light Metal Group

management system

Supported in our mission and values

This system allows us to deliver to all stakeholders the vision we have of how to conduct our business, projecting the future demands of the Automotive industry into every decision taken.

Implementing 360º solutions

That guarantee our commitment to excellence, commitment that has to be lived and desired by all that represent us: our Board, our top management, our employees, our suppliers and partners.




Certifications that give credit to our
processes and products

Continuous development of leadership

We are implementing a Social Responsibility program and investing in the continuous development of leadership at all levels of our organization.

We work up and down stream

By working up and down stream with our clients, with our people, with our partners and with our suppliers, we make sure that best practices are put into action every single day.

Continuous loop of improvement

We know that excellence is not achieved in one month and is a continuous loop of improvement, of failing and trying again, of starting from zero where it needs be.

Our management team
committed and focused on the future

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