For our future generation

For our future generation

For our future generation 2560 2354 Schmidt Light Metal

Taking care of our People means taking care of their families, specially during the hard times that this pandemic has brought upon us.

Focusing on wellbeing, sustainability and healthy living, we organised a week of activities for the children and grandchildren of our employees, hence bringing everyone together, while yet still apart.

We chose our partners carefully to guarantee not only the quality of the sessions but also the purpose on which the program was created. This short video highlights some of the best moments together, from planting a vegetable garden, learning how to deal with our emotions or even cook a healthy meal.

All the kits and materials needed were prepared by our in-house team but we must thank Vitacress Portugal for giving us the Bio Tomatoes and Spinach used on the healthy cooking sessions.

We were impressed by the amazing participation of the group of children and we hope that one day soon we can welcome them again in our premises so they learn what their parents or grandparents do for a living. Congratulations to everyone involved!

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