We believe that our People are what differentiates us from every other company: they are the corner stones that support our achievements.

It is only by developing a strong people strategy, that we can create a culture that allows the mutually beneficial achievement of organisational and personal goals. This is only made possible when a company is fully dedicated and focused developing the capabilities of its people and promoteing fairness and equality. We care for, communicate, reward and recognise, in a way that motivates people, builds commitment and enables them to use their skills and knowledge for the benefit of the organisation.
We have developed strategies that help us recognsize the human potential inside our own four walls and we focus on creating opportunities in different fields for different skill levels and always considering the different ambitions of each member of our team.
We know our People have grit: a willingness to give their best, their all, their sweat. And we couldn’t be prouder of that.
of female workers
Number of different nationalities
Average age of team leaders in the shop floor
Average seniority

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