Social Responsibility.

The responsibility of our organisation goes far beyond what happens inside our doors.

It is impregnated in the quality of the components we produce but also in the responsibility we have with the environment, with our community and our people.

That is why we have divided our Corporate social responsibility in 3 axes, all of them having the same level of importance and commitment from our side:


We are dedicated to help the community we are in, supporting Youth sports, raising awareness for local issues and establishing campaigns that will create opportunity and growth.

Circular economy

We are fully committed to a circular economy which is why our raw material, aluminium comes 100% from recycling. We want to lower our carbon footprint, creating green spaces where walls are built and established.


But none this would not be worthwhile if we forgot the most important piece of all: our people. Which is why we work to help them raise their personal barriers and challenges, overcome hardships or simply give them a smile when that is all that is needed.

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